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On-site, rapid, turnkey solution for COVID-19 testing

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For Communities

Designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country.


Proven Science

TourHealth’s COVID-19 testing solution uses proven processes and technology tools.


Rapid Testing

Provide easy and secure testing and deliver rapid results.

TourHealth Provides An On-site, Rapid, Turnkey Solution For Covid-19 Testing.

Designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country, our testing solution uses proven scalable processes and technology to ensure seamless, quick and secure testing.


Assessment & engagement

Omni-channel digital solution provides information and guidance on when, how, and who should get tested.


On-demand scheduling notifications

Ability for individuals to quickly locate a testing site, schedule appointments, add to calendar, & receive notifications.


Testing & clinical resources

State of the art mobile testing units staffed with credentialed clinical staff are scalable to immediate “hot spot” needs & changing locations.


State and federal health systems integrations

Rapidly provide testing results, statistical information and engagement back to government public health systems.

Testing Made Simple

Step 1: Download

Download the Gov2Go app on your mobile device or through a browser

Step 2: Locate

Open the Gov2Go app and find your preferred location

Step 3: Schedule

Schedule your appointment through the Gov2Go app.

Mobile device displaying TourHealth app with a barcode, other info 

Step 4: Check-In

Arrive for your appointment. Check-in at testing site

Step 5: Get Tested

Have a test administered for COVID-19 by clinical professionals

Step 6: Results

Results will be sent to your Gov2Go app that day

Want to know more?

Learn more about how TourHealth can accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country.

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